DIVIDE TRAIL PATROL Frequently Asked Questions  

Can any DTP qualified member take a potential member out on training rides?
Any member of DTP can take out a new potential member for his/her two training rides.

I am interested in becoming a member and I have a friend who is also. what do I tell them?
If you are interested in joining the Divide Trail Patrol, contact Pam Hanback or Linda Stine -- on the contacts page for the DTP.

Can I do one of my Patrol rides on one of my other horses?
No, you must ride your 'qualified' horse on an official patrol.

If I qualify a second horse, do I have to ride twice a month once on each horse?
NO, The DTP requires one ride per month. If you decide to qualify two horses, you may ride either one at any time.

If a friend rides a qualified horse does that count as one of the month's Patrol rides?
No, you need to be the one riding the horse. You qualified as a team.

My horse is lame, can I do a hike instead of a ride to get in my monthly patrol?
Yes. If you are unable to patrol on your qualified horse due to soundness or illness issues you are encouraged to patrol on foot, or on a mountain bike.

My horse and I have been qualified but our vests have not arrived, can we begin our patrols?
Yes, you can begin your patrols as soon as you have passed your qualifications.

I just got my vest where do I put the BLM and DTP patches?
The BLM patch goes either over your name or on the pocket, and the DTP goes on the right.

How do we report incidents or vandalism?
If the incident needs immediate attention, call 911/ Or call the El Dorado County Sheriff - 530-621-6600.

How many Trail Work days and Patrol Mtgs do I need to complete per calendar year?
You need to complete at least ONE trail workday per year and attend at least TWO mtgs per year.

When and where are the patrol meetings?
The Patrol meetings are held at various members' homes. The dates will vary.

When counting the number of rigs in the parking lot, do I count my own ?

How do I get the tax write offs?
You should work with your accountant to understand the tax laws and what you can/can't write off.

Where are the websites/email for DHA and DTP?
DHA --- www.divideha.org
DTP -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/divide_trail_patrol/
DTP EMAIL - dividetrailpatrol@gmail.com

Is hunting allowed at Cronan Ranch ?
Hunting is restricted to deer and turkey in the fall season, deer during the summer archery-only season, quail, and mourning doves. There will be no hunting for bear, squirrels, rabbits, jackrabbits, waterfowl, furbearers, or non-game species. Information on hunting seasons will be posted on the information kiosk in the staging area of the parking lot.

Hunting weapons will be limited to the use of bow and arrows, smoothbore shotguns, and to muzzleloaders after fire season is declared over.

Target shooting is prohibited


Updated: 8 Apr 15 jds