The purpose of the Divide Trail Patrol Mounted Assistance Unit, hereafter referred to as the "Unit", is to perform volunteer patrol rides throughout the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park (the Park). This also includes the trails emanating from the Magnolia Ranch Trailhead. Patrols will augment regular patrols by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Rangers and staff. All patrol rides are in support of the BLM and the American River Conservancy (ARC). The purpose of the patrol is to uphold the spirit of the Park, and to help Park visitors remember that, "The Cronan Ranch will be managed to preserve open space for public use and to restore and enhance plant and wildlife habitat" - Cronan Ranch Final Management Plan, 2006.


From the time of official membership, each member must complete one patrol ride per month, twelve times per year on a qualified horse. These rides must take place within the Park. The patrol rider will observe any illegal activities, any hazardous trail conditions, use information on numbers of rigs and vehicles staging at the park, and any other suggestions or information that would help the BLM maintain the Park.

Members may ride as many patrol rides as they want in any given month, but only one ride per month is necessary. The member will be excused from completing a patrol ride if the weather prohibits safe riding or the Unit Record Keeper grants an excuse for other reasons. If a member cannot ride his/her horse due to lameness or any other reason, the member may walk or bike the Park for as many months as necessary. Two retroactive make-up rides per year will be permitted. The make-up for the December patrol ride must be made in January. For the safety of the members, it is recommended that all patrolling should be done in pairs whenever possible. Members may patrol alone should it be necessary.

While on patrol, members will provide information and assistance to users of the area concerning trail conditions, directions, land use fees, rules and regulations. They will assist in fire detection and reporting, and aid in the search for lost persons.

The Unit Record Keeper is responsible for maintaining records of the members' requirements. The Committee will advise the member of non-compliance at year-end as grounds for non-renewal.

Returning members (within five years) need not do the two training rides, but they must qualify any new horse they are riding. A member may qualify as many horses as the member wishes.

Members must participate in one work party (trail improvement and/or maintenance) per year that has been approved by the appropriate agency and the Unit.

Current Park rules do not require members to be certified to administer CPR or First Aid. Although not required, members are encouraged to have this training.


While on patrol, each member should carry:

  • First Aid Kit

  • Pliers

  • Wire Cutters

  • Maps of the Park

  • Tablet and Pencil

  • Folding Pocket Knife

  • Compass

  • Cellular Phone


Weather conditions, Park usage, etc., will dictate length of patrols. Normally each patrol would be a minimum of two hours. The time may be divided into multiple short patrols if desired.


The uniform will consist of a BLM volunteer vest. The vest will have the Unit patch on one side and the BLM patch on the other side. The patches will be provided by the DTP. The uniform will be worn only when members are on patrol or on occasions designated by the Unit. The uniform will not be worn off duty.

Upon leaving, a former member may no longer wear the BLM volunteer vest.


The Unit will have quarterly meetings through the year. Each member must attend a minimum of two meetings per year


If a member is unable to patrol for an extended period of time they must notify the Unit Record Keeper. The member will then be placed on inactive status. The duration of the inactive status may not exceed one year.


While on patrol, the members and applicants will be covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U.S.C. 2671-2680) and provisions of the United States Code, which authorizes compensation for work injuries (5 U.S.C. 8101).
Before patrolling, the members and applicants will fill out a BLM volunteer form.


Family and friends are welcome to ride along on patrol; however, only the patrol members are covered by insurance. Unit members are responsible for the conduct of family and friends while visiting the Park.


Prospective members must be members in good standing of the Divide Horsemen's Association. They must complete an application to the Divide Trail Patrol. All members of the Unit must be at least 18 years of age, observe all Park rules and regulations, and have a "qualified horse" available to them.
In order to qualify a horse, two training rides and a qualification ride must be successfully completed as outlined below.


Training rides are any rides in the Park done with a DTP member. During the training rides, the DTP member will inform the applicant of the rider and horse qualifications for the DTP. The DTP member will document the rides and submit that information to the Unit Record Keeper. Upon completion of the two training rides, applicants will then be asked to complete a qualifying ride.


The qualifying committee will consist of a minimum of two DTP members who will lead each qualifying ride.
Horses will be observed during these rides for general suitability for the trail patrol. Horse and rider must be in sound physical condition. Unsoundness will be grounds for immediate disqualification if considered of a permanent nature. Horse and rider will be evaluated as a team. Only one rider/horse combination may qualify at one time. The committee may ask applicants about their knowledge of the Park rules and geography, horsemanship, and the suitability of the qualifying horse to the Unit.
A horse will automatically be disqualified if it shows chronic behavior problems such as running away, bucking, rearing, kicking or biting or any other behavior considered dangerous or out of control.

During the qualifying ride, a rider must demonstrate the following:

  • Be able to travel at a brisk walk for 20 minutes on foot.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Park rules.

  • Be in control of the horse at all times

  • Prevent horse from crowding at all times.

During the qualifying ride, a horse must:

  • Be four years old or older.

  • Be a mare or gelding - NO stallions.

  • Stand quietly while being mounted/dismounted from either side.

  • Stand quietly while the mounted rider holds one other horse.

  • Stand quietly while tied.

  • Pony another horse and be ponied.

  • Back readily.

  • Negotiate difficult trail obstacles such as steep terrain, logs, and water.

  • Lead well in difficult terrain and over obstacles.

  • Stay under rider's control upon meeting runners, hikers, mountain bikes and other horses.

  • Be under the rider's control while riding with a group of horses (minimum 3).

  • Be separated from a group of horses (minimum 3) and remain under control.

At the end of the applicant's qualification ride, the committee will meet and decide on the applicant's acceptance as a permanent member.
Upon acceptance into the Unit, the new member will receive a vest (with DTP patch) to be worn during trail patrol rides.


The DTP exists as a part of Divide Horsemen's Association (DHA). The DTP is governed by a Committee. The Committee will include at least, a Chairperson, a Unit Record Keeper, and a Secretary. One Committee member will attend and communicate DTP activities at the DHA monthly board meeting. Committee members will volunteer for the positions and will serve one year terms.

There will be a maximum number of 50 trail patrol members.

Any changes to the DTP Duty Statement, rules, or procedures will be made through a vote of the membership at the quarterly meetings. A two-thirds vote will pass any changes. All changes must then receive DHA board final approval.


If a member fails to patrol the minimum of 12 patrols (including make-ups), fails to notify the Unit Record Keeper monthly, fails to accomplish the required work party, or fails to attend the required number of meetings the member may be removed from the active unit roster. A member, with approval from the Committee, may elect to complete two work parties in the following year to remain in good standing.

Failure to comply the second year will result in termination. If the member wishes to return to the patrol at a later time, they may reapply as a new applicant.

Compliance with the Unit requirements is the responsibility of the individual members.

Park and Unit rules and regulations must be observed at all times. Deviations from the rules may result in the member being asked to leave the Unit.


If you are interested in joining the Divide Trail Patrol, contact Pam Hanback or Linda Stine -- on the contacts page for the DTP.

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